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Snake plant, mother in laws tongue, etc is a common name for Sansevieria. It is a NASA approved air purifier plant. An easy to care plant and take all neglect. There are a wide variety of snake plants available in the market. They are in high demand. If chewed or swallowed they may irritate some children or pets, but it is not poisonous to kill humans. So keep it away from pets and children.

  • Sunlight

    They like bright indirect sunlight. They can tolerate low light too. You can place them in the dark corners of your interiors. But, take them outside and give them some amount of sunlight once in a week. If completely neglected, the plant will survive, but the plant will not look healthy.

  • Water

    Like sunlight, they don't need much water. Snake plants prefer watering once the soil is half dried.

    Even if the soil is completely dried, still the plant can survive. It is such an easy to care plant that you can keep the plant inside the house and go for a vacation.

  • Fertilizer

    Fertilize them once in a month with any house plant fertilizer. They can live without any fertilizer also.

  • Soil

    Use well-drained organic soil for snake plants.

  • Propagation

    From leaf cuttings and division.

    You can also try propagating snake plants from leaves by putting them in water. Water propagation is not recommended. Take a leaf cutting and plant them directly in the soil. It will take a month to get roots.

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